Check out what people are saying about the Artisans Revival.  In yet another special 'Memorial Day Commemoration", please listen to this interview done with long time Newburyport resident Patrick Ryan during the first Inn St Artisans Revival during Yankee Homecoming 2016.   As to a hint on where the ISAR is heading, pay close attention to his comments at the 4:30 mark.   Interview with Mr Ryan


Birth of the Artisans Revival

Artisans Revival History

 Mission Statement: The Artisans Revival is more than just an arts and crafts 'fair'. It is a movement to reconnect the spirit, soul and lifestyle of the 'true working artist' to that of the community, its culture, and history. It is a significant part of the foundation for a 'Cultural District' built on local, co-creative small business, sustainable economics, and ecology. 

Recent Developments Regarding the Role of the Artisans Revival

See "Planting the Seeds' below for Birth of the Revival

Local Artist Sell Work, Raise Awareness

July 31, 2019

Yankee Homecoming Visionary Artist Works Put On Display

July 15, 2019

Year Round Permit Sought by Newburyport Artisans Village 

January 2019

Artisan Revival show coming soon 

Nov 2018

Newburyport Artist Shanty Program

Newburyport Daily News - August 1, 2018

Reviving the arts on Inn Street

Newburyport Daily News - May 22, 2018

Inn Street Artisans Revival plans art show Saturday

Planting Seeds of the Past...

Tribute to Jack Frost; 2013 Yankee Homecoming Yearbook 

Brick and Tree - The Preservationist

The History of Yankee Homecoming

The straw that broke the back of corporate sponsorship,

Inn Street Blues; McDonalds Effect of Corporate Sponsorship

Newburyport Daily News - Aug 2015

Hence, The Artisans Revival was Born.....

Yankee Homecoming 2016 Chairman Plans New Events

Newburyport Daily News - July 2016

Home Grown Festival; Newburyport Daily News Aug 2016 

Artisan Revival Library Presentation 2016

Worth The Price of Admission

Newburyport Daily News; Aug 2016 

Artisans Bring Lively Revival to Inn Street :Newburyport daily News
By Jim Sullivan Staff writer Aug 1, 2017 

Merchants, Business Leaders High on Yankee Homecoming ;

Newburyport Daily News;Dyke Hendrickson Staff Writer Aug 8, 2017 

For Further Reading....

As I See It: Jack Garvey - 'No No Nantucket'

Newburyport Daily News Editorial 2017;


 Spirit of Newburyport Blog - Revival Updates 

Proposed Inn Street Artisans Market

Peddle Meddling 2010; Newburyport Current 

Cushing Wharf Marina Village Proposal- May, 2008

Prolific Artist Has More In Store
Newburyport Current; March 3, 2006

Newburyport; An American Perspective 2006

A Contemporary Art Exhibit - Where the Old Meets the New

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