Birth of the Artisans Revival

Planting the seeds.....

 The Artisans Revival is more than just an arts and crafts 'fair'. It is a movement to reconnect the spirit, soul and lifestyle of the 'true working artist' to that of the community, its culture, and history. It is a significant part of the foundation for a 'Cultural District' built on local, co-creative small business, sustainable economics, and ecology. 

Tribute to Jack Frost; 2013 Yankee Homecoming Yearbook 

Inn Street Blues; McDonalds Effect of Corporate Sponsorship

Newburyport Daily News - Aug 2015

Hence, The Artisans Revival was Born.....

Yankee Homecoming 2016 Chairman Plans New Events

Newburyport Daily News - July 2016

Home Grown Festival; Newburyport Daily News Aug 2016 

Artisan Revival Library Presentation 2016

Worth The Price of Admission

Newburyport Daily News; Aug 2016 

Artisans Bring Lively Revival to Inn Street :Newburyport daily News
By Jim Sullivan Staff writer Aug 1, 2017 

Merchants, Business Leaders High on Yankee Homecoming ;Newburyport Daily News;Dyke Hendrickson Staff Writer Aug 8, 2017 

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